Is A Gold Bullion Individual Retirement Account The Right Financial Investment For You?


You are permitted by the US Federal government to hold gold coins as gold bullion IRA, inside your IRA. A gold bullion IRA can help to counter losses from the stock exchange and is a wise long-term investment. Due to the current economic situation, it is now a perfect time to transfer inactive 401ks and Individual Retirement Accounts into steels – gold in particular. Typical investments in 2008 lost $2.5 trillion of their value, and it will take years before the value rises to previous degrees despite the beginning of marketplaces recovery.

Generally, those under the age of 70 1/2 who earns an income from employment, including self-employment is able to make contributions annually to an IRA. Although there were income phase-outs on Roth IRA conversions from Standard Individual retirement accounts, this is no longer the case.

There is a difference between this investment and buying gold stocks. Gold stocks are stocks in mining firms whereas with this investment you are actually buying concrete gold which offers much more security. Gold bullion IRA is by far the best retirement option when incorporated with an Individual Retirement Account due to the conventional higher value of gold.

There are two options for companies that function as protectors of gold bullion IRA. The Sterling Trust Company and GoldStar Trust Company are both protectors of gold bullion IRA. According to the IRA rules, you are not permitted to hold the gold yourself; and neither of the Trust Companies is allowed to hold your bullion for you. The bullion are saved in the precious metal vault of HSBC Financial institution which is located in New York.

Withdrawals can begin at 59 1/5 years old, free of penalty fees. If you have not started drawbacks by age 70 1/2 you need to start them then. If you want to withdraw before 59 1/2 you can do, with the exception of a few specific cases, at a fee of 10%. Gold bullion IRA and routine Individual Retirement Accounts are regulated by the same principals and regulations.

If you currently own silver or gold bullion, you cannot put them into your IRA. The earlier you start with this type of investment, the more you will gain from your returns.

Having said all of this, it is still crucial to diversify in order to achieve a successfully prosperous plan. Although silver and gold are both safe investment havens, it is important to mix your gold bullion Individual Retirement Account with a variety of other investments. Gold bullion IRAs are good for boosting your collection in addition to making it safer from dramatic political and economic changes. Financial advisers usually recommend that gold assets comprise 25% to 30% of your portfolio. In order to have a substantial and secure retirement plan, you need to do more than conserve cash. Diversifying will help you to steer clear of economic erosion to your assets.

The long-lasting financial investment approach combined with IRA benefits and the high value of gold, make gold bullion IRA the very best retirement strategy.

In order to comply with the IRA laws, you need to choose a Trust Company that can hold your gold bullion for you. These companies will make sure that all regulations and principals are adhered to in your gold bullion IRA account.

Combining various other investments along with a gold bullion IRA will spread your risk. Diversifying is essential in protecting your assets from turbulent economic events, and in addition to making sure you have spread your investments over various options, gold bullion will add to the stability and security of your retirement plan.This will give you the best option of a good retirement lifestyle.

Investing In IRAs- Investment Truths About Gold

precious metals IRA

Most people decide to retire just as soon as there is enough money in their retirement investment accounts or pension benefits. No matter how the funds were obtained, their retirement strategy and the decisions they make will definitely influence their retirement investments a great deal. Also, it really don’t matter whether they invest in a pension plan, 401K or Individual Retirement Account. It’s how they treat their accounts that will determine their success.

If you have decided that you definitely want to set up an Individual Retirement Account, you need to make sure you know what the rules governing it are. You definitely will be allowed to invest into an IRA account (either a Roth Individual Retirement Account or regular IRA). For 2012, the contribution limit is $5,000 until you are 49 years old. This will definitely allow investors who are close to retirement age to invest even more money for their retirement.

If you are planning to invest in an IRA, be sure that you invest in the best retirement assets. Choosing the right financial investments for an IRA can be quite difficult and challenging. You need to know how they are going to perform in your account. One factor that you need to consider is the international economic situation. Investing in mutual funds in a good choice since they do offer great financial returns. Also, the economic climate has positive effects on their value. That will definitely have an affect on your financial savings. During retired life this is the main asset you have against destitution. You definitely want to have a retirement investment account that can withstand economic fluctuations. In order to reduce your risk, you need to invest in several different IRA accounts.

One of the best options right now is investing in a gold Individual Retirement Account if you are tying to protect yourself against fluctuating economic conditions. The only gold that is allowed to be invested as part of an Individual Retirement Account is 99.9 percent pure gold. While you are investing in gold for your Individual Retirement Account, it is strongly recommended that you invest in other types of assets as well.

If you are interested in investing in gold and other kinds of precious metals, you should choose a silver IRA or gold IRA. If you want to have a comfortable retirement, you should purchase an IRA.

You will definitely be able to start an IRA account (either a Roth IRA or traditional IRA) with contributions in 2012 limited to $5,000 until the age of 49. If you plan on investing in an IRA, just make sure you invest in the right retirement assets. Right now the ideal choice for protecting yourself against fluctuations in today’s economy is probably investing in a gold IRA. Only 99.9 percent pure gold is allowed as part of an Individual Retirement Account. It is a very good idea to invest into other types of retirement assets as well when you are investing in a gold Individual Retirement Account to ensure that your investment portfolio is properly diversified.

How To Get Started With Commodities Trading

General Commodities

Trading commodities is an incredible investing opportunity that used to be limited to just brokers in the past. However, thanks to the Internet, any individual can participate now. The following are the best ways for you to get started with commodities trading.

Product markets transfer raw or processed items. They get traded on the commodities exchanges. It’s also important for you to understand how you can get started with commodities training to ensure that you know how to buy and sell various assets.

The Internet has really opened up the commodities markets. These days, primary items such as precious metals, corn and sugar are heavily traded online. Product markets are for everything that isn’t a financial instrument like stocks and bonds. Once you have learned how to start trading in commodities, you won’t have any problems sorting through the different categories of assets.

Before trading was done online, there were designated areas for commodities exchanges. At that time you would have to go there or you would need to have a broker to trade for the commodities you were interested in. As you can imagine, it was much more difficult and complex to get started with commodities trading at that time.

These days, finding out how you can get started with asset trading can be found on the web 24/7. Training as well as buy and selling is easily accessible over the net. So having a broker isn’t necessary any more. The electronic age completely transformed the way we currently do business.

Transparency of price is one of the more significant benefits that we have now. Fair trading is permitted now, with the top 5 proposals on display. It is also much easy to find out how to get started with commodities trading.

Commodities investing can earn you significant income. Of course there is risk involved with this type of investing as well. It is important to learn the best ways for getting started with commodities trading. You also need to know the ways for trading correctly. These two things will help to reduce your risk.

There are various websites that offer commodities trading online. A majority of these sites also offer a wide range of tools to help you learn how to get started with commodities trading and also help you make the best trades possible.

Commodities trading only is very rewarding if you also want to learn all the various ways to invest. We strongly recommend that you learn how to trade commodities as well. You definitely won’t regret it, and pretty soon you will be making all of the right decisions.

These days, looking for information on how to get started with commodities training is easy. It is offered online 24/7, and it is very easy to get access so that you can learn how to get started with commodities trading as well as buying and selling commodities online.

Learning how to get started with commodities trading and knowing how to trade correctly will help to reduce your risk and offer you the greatest amount of protection.

Many of the websites online offer many different tools that you can use for getting started with commodities trading and also make is easier for you to do your trades.

Tips For Selling Gold Fashion Jewelry

buying & selling gold

Given the higher gold prices recently, many people these days are considering selling gold fashion jewelry in exchange for cash. I’m definitely a firm believer that knowledge is power. Also, before you attempt to sell any gold fashion jewelry, you need to know what you have exactly and have a good idea of what it’s worth.

The first thing that you need to know is the amount of gold that is in the jewelry. Most purchasers base their prices completely on the gold scrap metal’s value. Therefore, it is worth it to figure out what the gold’s carat weight is. The law in many countries require that a carat stamp be placed on all gold jewelry that is offered for sale in stores. It also is a very strong indication that the gold jewelry came from a reputable seller. Many gold items from North America would be marked as 18K, 14K, 10K etc to show the gold’s purity level in certain jewelry pieces. The criterion in Europe is different and also measured by the thousand and stamped as 750, 585, 416, etc. Below, I will discuss what this means exactly.

If you happen to have gold plated jewelry, electroplated precious jewelry or gold loaded jewelry, it usually isn’t worth trying to sell it for gold to get cash. A majority of dealer will not buy this kind of fashion jewelry. The normal stamps for these types of gold is EGP (electro gold layered), GP (gold layered) and GF (gold loaded).

Pure 100 percent gold is 24 karats, 75 percent gold is 18 karat, 58.5 percent gold is 14 karat (585 European stamp), 41.6 percent gold is 10 karat (416 European stamp) etc. The rate of gold seen on television all the time is based on the troy ounce. This is approximately 31.5 grams of 24 karat pure gold usually in bars or coins.

Overall, a precious jewelry item’s appraised worth includes the labour as well as the retail mark up for your gold jewelry. This is because the appraisal was probably done for the purpose of insurance company replace cost for a certain piece of jewelry. Retail mark ups for precious jewelry are really high. A majority of individuals are not aware of this when they are attempting to sell their gold jewelry to get cash.

Because gold prices are so high these days, many people are thinking about selling gold jewelry to make some money. Most purchasers of gold jewelry base their prices on just the scrap metal value of gold. That is why it is definitely worth your time to look at the gold marks and determine what the carat weight is of your gold item. Most countries have laws that require some kind of carat stamp for any gold precious jewelry that is sold in stores. This is also a very good sign that the gold jewelry came from a trustworthy source. Gold that is 24 karat is one hundred percent or pure gold, 75 percent gold is 18 karat, 58.5 percent gold is 14 karat (585 European stamp) and 41.6 percent gold is 10 karat (416 European stamp).

An Introduction To Precious Metal Investing

Precious Metals Prices

The main things that attract people to precious metal investing is the security and safety that silver and gold provide compared to real estate, stock, bonds, financial investment accounts and other kinds of financial investment options. Although some will argue that metals have ups and downs just like all other types of financial investment options, no one has ever really made a reasonable argument why metals aren’t one of the safest investment options that there is.

When you review the current economy, it isn’t surprising at all that record numbers of new investors have been getting started in precious metals investing in recent years. Truthfully we are at one of the worst financial circumstances in history. Many of us were really wishing that getting a new head of state for the American government would be a silver bullet of sorts for the economic crisis in America. However, that has not been the case. Even having a whole new management team at the White House has basically just shown how there is no such thing as an over night fix for the problems that the economy is facing. Instead, it’s gong to take a lot of willpower and effort to get things turned around.

The bright side to this economic downturn, if there actually is one, is that people have become somewhat smarter when it comes to their money and considering financial uncertainty. They only thing we can actually hope for is that lessons have been learned and that smart financial investment and money saving procedures that are being used today will continue, and we won’t forget about it the minute the dollar starts to once again have actual spending power.

The past few years one common myth that has been resolved was this idea that only wealthy people can invest in precious metals. Certainly any kind of economically independent individual who wants their money kept safe during financially difficult time would be smart to hold silver and gold financial investments. However, it isn’t true that the option for investing in precious metals is reserved for just the incredibly wealthy. In fact, the anyone from those barely making ends meet, to the working class, middle class and wealthy all have the option of investing in metal coins.

Precious metal investing in bars and blocks are expensive. However, they are not the only way to invest in silver, gold and platinum. You can actually buy investment quality coins in various sizes ranging from one ounce to a half an ounce to even a tenth of one ounce. So that makes investing in precious metals more convenient and available to more people. Just about anyone an invest in these meals.

American financiers would basically be smart to stop worrying and start investing. Stocks will definitely increase in price again and the dollar will certainly rebound. However, this isn’t going to happen overnight. It also isn’t going to be the last monetary crisis that the online world or United States ever faces again. Make sure you protect yourself. That is what precious metal investing is all about.

Looking at today’s economic situation, it really isn’t surprising at all that in 2008 there was a record number of new individuals who got started with precious metal investing. It is a smart idea for anyone person wanting their cash to be in a risk free position during economically challenging times to have precious metal investments as part of their portfolio. However, it is definitely untrue that the only ones with the option to invest in precious metals is very affluent individuals. Precious metal investing in the form of bricks and bars can be very expensive. However, that’s not the only way that you can invest in platinum, silver and gold. The main reason is you can buy investment quality coins in different sizes, ranging from one ounce to a half and even one tenth of an ounce. That makes investing in precious metals much more accessible and affordable. It’s basically open to anyone who is interested in investing in it.

How Do Gold IRAs Work? Discover How To Simply Set Up A Gold Individual Retirement Account


Don’t leave your retirement in the hands of the government and at the mercy of the banks.

Although the 1999 price of gold has risen more than 500%, many analysts believe that the current gold price is still undervalued. There are some specialists that believe gold could potentially increase by an additional 50% soon.

However, even though gold is one of the best performers in today’s marketplace, it just one part of the story when it comes to this precious metal.

Gold Is Security, Safety And Value

With the national debt ceiling invariably increasing, and the dollar declining in value, the price of gold continues to go up. The government’s financial obligations are greater today than they have ever been before in history. As soon as this was true, the dollar truthfully could not be considered the source of wealthy any longer. On the other hand, gold has been a real safe haven for wealth for more than five thousand years.

What’s So Special About Gold?

Traditionally gold frequently has a tendency to move counter to how stocks move. Even over the past decade, as our economy experienced one of it most turbulent periods in history, gold outperformed the stock market.

You cannot publish gold like paper money. Also, unlike stocks, it doesn’t ever merge or divide. It is not surprising the gold over the ages has been the standard. That’s why it is definitely well worth it to consider gold to be a component in your retirement portfolio. In fact, it could be the best choice for protecting that nest egg of yours over the long term.

Why Your Financial Advisor Won’t Recommend That You Invest In Precious Metals

The reason is simple. Most economic advisors have been trained to merely suggest investing in safe securities that are openly traded. There are some financial advisors that might recommend mining stocks or precious metals Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as ways to capitalize on the growth taking place in the metals market. This is something they are much more likely to do than recommending that you invest directly in precious metals.

Investing in mining stocks and ETFs isn’t the same thing as investing in precious metals. Like I previously stated, precious metals are tangible possessions. Paper instruments like ETFs are prone to the same stock market volatility factors, company fraud, company incomes and rising cost of living.

What All Clients Need To Know

Whether you are an experienced investor or have never actually invest in gold or other precious metals before, there are some things that are important for clients to understand in order to protect themselves. Don’t spend any of your valuable retirement money before getting this important information. Don’t wait around for another market correction to take place before you start securing those hard-earned retirement savings of yours.

Although it is true that the 1999 price of gold has increased by more than 500%, there are still many analysts that believe the current value of gold is undervalued still. Historically the value of gold has tended to run counter to the way stocks move. Over the past decade, during a very turbulent economic time period, gold was priced higher than stocks.

Unlike stocks and money, gold cannot be published. It also doesn’t merge or split. Whether you are a complete beginner who hasn’t ever invested in gold or other types of precious metals or you are an experienced investor, there are safeguards all client need to take in order to protect themselves.

How To Market Your Silver

Buying & Selling Silver

As the New Year approaches, many people decide it’s a good time to get rid of unwanted items from their homes. Whether it’s wanting to start the new year fresh, or a New Year’s resolution, or trying to recover from all the expenses of Christmas, many people see clearing their residences of unwanted items as something that can bring a clean and relaxing atmosphere to their homes.

The thing that many individuals don’t seem to realize is that many of the things that they consider to be rubbish or scrap could actually be worth some money. Especially when it’s hidden away in unwanted and old used gold and silver items. There are many businesses these days that will provide services where you can bring your unwanted items to them and receive cash. So before you send these items to the dump or a charity store, you should check first to see if there is any hidden worth in the items you are wanting to get rid of.

If you would like to sell silver items, there are many places to choose from, including high end jewelers, pawn shops and online buyers. By gathering a selection of offers and rates, you can make sure you get the best price for your items. Since we know may of you would love to get cash for your unwanted silver items, getting several different quotes will help to ensure that you receive the most money for them.

Many businesses are not very restrictive in terms of the kinds of products they are willing to buy, ranging from old jewelry, to coins and silver spoons. You just never know exactly what value certain items may have. So whether you just want to get rid of things for your house, or are looking to gain some additional money for the new year or upcoming summer vacation, look closer to home and see if there is actually some pocket money hidden away in old silver knick knacks or inside your jewellery box.

If you are interested in selling your silver products, it’s very important that you sell them to a reliable buyer, whether it’s to professional jewelers, high end pawn shops or online buyers. That’s another reason why it’s so valuable to get several quotes. You can also check reviews to make sure you are not only getting the best prices for your silver items, but you also are dealing with a trustworthy buyer.

In certain circumstances, there may be individuals who wish to buy your silver and fine art as well. You need to consider the liquidity of these items. Only millionaires can afford to buy well-known works. So although silver buyers might also buy fine art, you need to carefully choose your markets.

If you have some silver items that you want to sell, there are many different places where you can start to look for buyers, including high end jewelers, pawn stores and online customers. We know that many of are very interested in marking your silver in exchange for cash. That’s why it’s very important to get several different quotes so that you get the most cash as possible for silver items that you have at home.

Although silver buyers might also be interested in purchasing art, you need to carefully choose which markets you want to do business in.

Investing in Gold: Marketing Tips for Success

Buying & Selling Gold

Investors are often interested in gold, partly because it is not hard to find, and it is fairly simply to market as well. There are also a number of options available, as you can buy gold coins, gold bars or even gold certificates. However, if you are interested in pursuing gold as an investment, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Make sure you get a guarantee. Unless you have this, you cannot show that the gold is authentic.

2. The purity of the gold is one essential factor to think about before you decide to invest. Pure coins are always a solid choice. There is no question about purity when it comes to these coins, which means it is fairly easy to get a dealership interested in them.

3. Pure gold bars are another smart investment choice. You should have no trouble finding interest for them, and you should also get your money’s worth from your investment as well. However, keep in mind that if there is non-gold alloy in the bars, they will not command as high of a price.

4. There are several ways to offer your gold to others. Finding a dealer is a smart decision. Some people find it easy to sell the gold on eBay as well. However, a dealership may be more reliable, as they often have fixed prices.

Suppliers generally understand what the going rate is for gold. How much you sell for, however, could vary based on how prices fluctuate.

If you want to quickly see a return on your gold, use the Internet to your advantage. That is a great way to market your investments. After just a simple search, you should be able to find dealerships to work with pretty quickly and without much effort. However, you want to find a place that will give you enough money to make your investment worth it. Do not be tempted to go to a pawn shop. You will not get back the value of the gold if you do.

If you want to make an investment, gold is a good choice. It is readily available, and you should have no trouble either buying it or marketing it to others. However, remember that if the gold does not have a warranty, you might have trouble proving how much it is worth. Therefore, choosing pure gold bars is often the best decision, as you will not have any problem marketing them and you should be able to make money off of them as well. You can always go right to a supplier to unload your gold, or you can use Internet resources to help you sell. Simply do your research and you should be fine.

3 Useful Tips For Commodities Day Trading

General Commodities

With all of the market uncertainty and volatility these days in the equities markets, many people are looking to asset day trading to see if it can meet their investment needs. Well before you start day trading, here are a few helpful tips to share with you that can help you get started with this form of investing.

1. Set Up A Well-Funded Account: When it comes to day trading, this tends to be among the most forgotten aspects. However, there have been studies done that show that having a good amount of money inside your trading account gives you a greater chance of being successful.

You do need to have an account that is well-funded when you are trading since you need to have some form of margin for error. With commodities day trading, the issues that restrict your losers also permit your victories.

2. Don’t Over-Leverage Your Account: There are many beginners who when starting on commodities day trading also begin to explore how large of margins they can obtain, especially for e-mini stock indexes. There are places that might be able to provide you with day trading margins that are as low as $500. Using trading margins can be a great tool, however don’t over do it.

If you start you trading account with a $5,000 balance and a $500 day trading margin, don’t try to use up every single cent that is in your account or try trading 9 or 10 different transactions at the same time. This can turn out to be very self-destructive. Your account will probably go into debt very quickly as well.

In general, my guideline to you would be to never use more than 20% of your account’s equity for one trade, and also never to have more than two contracts at any one point in time.

3. Commodities Day Trading Isn’t A Get Rich Quick Scheme: There is no such thing as a good “get rich fast plan” of any kind in this industry, unless you want to count the lottery. However, good luck trying to make a job out of that. When you exercise good judgment in your trades, you can make good returns.

You need to really understand that you are trading in short-term periods in the marketplaces. The shorter your time period is for commodities day trading, the higher the volatility will be. The more volatile the industry is, the higher the risk is that you are tacking on and the higher the potential incentive is as well.

When you can exhibit a good amount of self-control, then trading becomes relatively easy. The 3 guidelines that we have discussed will definitely get your mindset headed in the right direction. However, there is more to learn for you to become a good all-around successful day investor.

Make sure your account is well funded. It is something that is often overlooked when day trading. When it comes to commodities day trading, what matters the most is limiting your losses and letting your winners run.

Make sure that you don’t over-leverage your account. Many people look to find the best margins they can possibly get, especially for trading in the e-mini stock indexes. The shorter your time period is for commodities day trading, the more volatility you will likely experience.